Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

List of stockists. Just enter your postal code and you will be given the location of a local specialist stockist. In addition there are online traders stocking Monchhichis eg.,, or

Every Monchhichi has a label with appropriate wash and care symbols. We recommend gentle handwash and NO driers.

Our cuddly companions are available sized from 10 cm to 80 cm. The tiniest are keyring pendants. The largest models are 80 cm and have movable arms and legs. Bebichhichis are 16 cm and Monchhichis are available from 20 cm upwards. In addition we offer Sleepy-eye girl and boy figures that close their eyes when laid down. From autumn we will introduce both grandparents and a horse-riding girl. All models are shown in our online catalogue.

Classic Bebichhichi is marketed at approx. 17 €, the classic 20 cm Monchhichi at approx 20 €; prices vary according to size and model.

They are made of high-quality synthetic plush and are phthalin-free.

Monchhichis are produced under strictest quality control and undergo annual testing procedures. All factories are ICTI-certified which guarantees no child labour. All products conform to EN 71, the European standard for toy safety, and have been awarded the CE seal.

There has been no alteration of the image design of our cuddly friends since their introduction in 1974. That is significant for the brand. Since 1980 the marketing speciality of Monchhichis had been the pacifier. This was changed in the 1980s when the manufacturer reacted to research that pacifiers might lead to orthodontic problems. Additionally the cute face, large eyes and soft plush were the factors attracting young and old to our cuddly companions. They are ideal for cuddling but also for playing and collecting.

In our Monchhichi-Boutique (e.g.,, oder there is a wide range of outfits. Follow your inspiration and see what takes your fancy in your stockist's or online trader's supply.

Since founded over 40 years ago the manufacturers have never had to instigate any recall. Should there be any case of dissatisfaction with the quality of the goods please contact your stockist. For any other questions please fill in the contact form.